Happy 27th Birthday, our Evil Maknae, Kyu ♥

Let’s congratulate him on his personal networking site:

Twitter: @GaemGyu

Weibo: @GameGyu88

For celebrating his birthday, I’m going to share some facts about him, Enjoy~

  • Born on February 3, 1988
  • Blood type is A
  • Has older sister named Cho Ara who was 2 years older than him
  • Kyuhyun most like to play games.
  • He was studying at Kyunghee University, majoring in Modern Music.
  • Kyuhyun turned out to idolize singer Sung Si Kyung.
  • Kyuline is consist of 4 handsome men, including him, SHINee Minho, TVXQ Changmin, and CNBLUE Jonghyun.
  • Kyuhyun actually do not really like if you have to act cute. But without realizing it, he actually used to do that.
  • Kyuhyun often caught on camera being sleepy.
  • Kyuhyun lent his voice for some drama soundtracks and my favorites are Hope Is A Dream That Does not Sleep for drama Baker King, Kim Tak Gu (저 빵 왕 김 탁 구), Listen to You for drama Pasta and The Way to Break Up (헤어지 는 방봅) for drama Poseidon.
  • He also played in some musical, from the most recent one is The Moon That Embraces The Sun, Catch Me If You Can and Three Musketeers.




2 thoughts on “HappyKyuhyunDay

  1. unni, dulu aku suka suju tapi entahlah -_- aku gak terlalu respek lagi sm suju gegara tmnku,
    tapi skrg msh suka cmn beberapa gak keseluruhan sih,
    kyuhyun, heechul, sm donghae xD hehe

    bias unni di suju sapose ? kekee

    1. Klo boleh tau kenapa tuh bisa sampe ga respek?
      Saya suka mereka semua, tapi lebih condong ke KyuMin. Kyuhyun dan Sungmin.
      Aku suka brothership mereka, mereka caring each other tapi ga berlebihan nunjukinnya.
      Klo di EXO aku sukanya HunHan, mereka hobi bgt deket2an, skinship hahaha

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