K.will(케이윌) _ Day 1(오늘부터 1일)

Woah, finally K.Will is comeback!! The prince of ballad (although he’s not that handsome, but his voice will melt your heart) is return after last year gave us the heartbreaking yet sweet MV starring Chanyeol of EXO. Now he returns with Mini Album entitled One Fine Day. The title song for this mini album is Day 1(오늘부터 1일). As usual, his song is always easy listening and fresh, giving the lovely feeling when listening to it. The lyric that usually honest is the plus for K.Will’s song.

The song is about a not-so-handsome boy who falling in love with a beautiful girl. The lyric really represent the boy’s feeling and mind. The lyric is so cute. My favorite lines are “of all the ugly guys I’m the best looking” and “so i’m not that handsome but I think I look cute when I smile”. What an honest lyric!

The MV starring Park Min Woo, a cutie rising star actor as the common boy and So You of SISTAR as the pretty girl. Park Min Woo is such a cutie high school-er in the MV and I think he fits the role. His dimple and wide smile really make him perfect for the story of the MV. FYI, he is currently popular as starring in a SBS reality show “ROOMMATE” which having 11 people consist of idols, actors, comedian, artist and also athlete to live together in one house.

So, this is the latest music video from K.Will that has just released 2 days ago. Enjoy! 🙂


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