Beswan Djarum 2014/2015

So, the announcement for the Beswan Djarum 2014/2015 is todayyy, August 31. 2014!!!

I was so nervous to check for the result. Actually I didn’t expect to much in it because I was not confident with the interview session. I was giving my best but that’s not good enough compare to my friend’s-based on my opinion. But whatever the result is I must receive it with a big heart.

I opened the official website of Beasiswa Djarum and found the banner for the announcement 3


I clicked on the banner and opening new tab


I typed the registration code on the box and clicked on the button. What made me more nervous is the loading time that took quite some time. *pit a pat* And finally a box popped on the screen



At that moment I feel relieved, it felt like the stone has been removed from my chest. After a few seconds, the feeling was up! I got excited and cant help myself to screaming in a joy! Yeayyy!

I can’t wait for meeting the other Beswan Djarum and enjoy all the activities with them. Thank you Djarum Foundation for this amazing opportunity! Thank you for my parent who always support me in everything! Congratulation for all of us who become Beswan Djarum 2014/2015 and for those who didn’t success these time, maybe God already has a better plan for you so don’t be sad. There are so many other opportunities ahead. Fighting! 🙂



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