Oh My Ghost

Korean drama that can chase away the Summer heat (although it’s almost fall season in some country now, but the long dry season is still happening in Indonesia), Oh My Ghost !

Anyway, it will all pass, whether good things or sad things – Na Bong Sun

So, this is my second post about Korean drama that I recommend you,the cute romantic comedy drama that suit the hot weather.  The original title is 오 나의 귀신님 (read: O Naui Gwisinnim) and the English translated title is Oh My Ghost or you can also find Oh My Ghostess. It was aired every Friday and Sunday at tvN from July 3 until August 22, 2015. The drama is starring Jo Jung Suk as Chef Kang Sun Woo that owns a restaurant where Na Bong Sun, played by Park Bo Young, works at as a kitchen helper, whom later possess by a virgin ghost played by Kim Seul Gi.

The drama start from Na Bong Sun, a shy and timid girl who works as kitchen helper in Sun Restaurant, owned by the famous chef in town, Kang Sun Woo. Beside Chef Kang, she works with another 4 male chefs, Min Soo, Dong Chul, Joon and Ji Woong. Bong Sun who always bow her head down and saying “sorry” has an ability to see ghost. One day, a virgin ghost that constantly possess beautiful girl to make out with man in order to resolve her grudge, possess Bong Sun to hide from a shaman which is trying to capture her. The timid Na Bong Sun turn into a charming girl that has a lot of aegyo and instantly being loved by the chefs.

The story itself is very easy to follow, no complicated things that need to think about, flows like water with a bit of conflict in it because it will be too boring if there’s no evil character, isn’t it?

You can’t help smiling along the drama because of Na Bong Sun’s aegyo! Omg, as a girl myself, I find Park Bo Young’s aegyo acting is way too lovable. She is such a cutie with petite body. Her acting is so natural, you can’t see any awkwardness when she’s acting cute in this drama. From some articles that I’ve read, Jo Jung Suk also can’t resist his partner’s aegyo when acting together. He couldn’t stop smiling when he should acting angry at her. I wonder how many takes he needs to make those scenes LOL

My favorite ost from this drama is the one sung by Park Bo Young, her sweet voice blend with simple guitar instrumental is very soothing ❤


If you’re the fans of rom-com drama, you don’t want to miss this drama! Go watch the drama with English subtitle now on dramafire.com.



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